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The Hallucinogenically Brilliant Marbles of Mike Gong

Marble artist Mike Gong creates beautifully detailed designs inside of small, handmade glass marbles. He pays close attention to detail to get every single element just right within the round interior of glass, and each of his creative concepts tells a crazy little story.

Gong produces mesmerizing clouds of color, texture, and patterns that seem out of this world. No two pieces are alike and, as you turn each marble around, the various details and unusual elements change color and sparkle in the reflecting light.

In particular, his Acid Eaters collection features wacky little faces that have big smiles, swirling eyes, and tongues sticking out of their mouths. Inside of the thick glass, hallucinations come alive and the happy guys appear distorted as viewers spin the glass around in their hands.

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1. Latin: “tree of life”.

2. Neuroanatomy: the cerebellar white matter in the brain, so called for its branched, tree-like appearance. It brings sensory and motor information to and from the cerebellum.

3. Female reproduction: “arbor vitæ uteri” a part of the canal of the cervix.

4. Victorian slang: the penis.

[Benny Andersson - Tree of Life]

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